For the last year your eyes meant everything to me….

I belive these kind of feelings make me weak and vulnerable.

But sometimes we cannot hide from them.

You and Me,

We may never be lock and key…


This travel has forced me to expand my thought process.

No longer simplifying and practical when it come to these journeys.

Time is the most valuable experience I have in my arsenal.

Forced to feel when I spent so much time extinguishing my emotions.

Missing every bit of my seriousness as I walk this long an solitary path.

Not a soul has been able to find me nor has any religion along the way.

Finding my personality has the ability to flex as do my iLL morals when it comes to strategic interests.

Basic concepts of knowledge and reason have abandoned this vessel.

Such a bastard!


Figuring out my own position in these complex issues.

Being able to do what is needed when it matters is possible but likely non effective.

Efficacy is imperative but fleeting.

Serial trials on so many levels to care.

But it’s not in my soul.

This is an empty gesture on every level.

Singular thinking is all encompassing.

Focal points are not even realistic.

ILLustrious in these moments that matter.

Faulty reality in all these casual conversations.

will he ever see SARAH Smile….

he makes a fool of himself when it comes to her.

in affairs of the heart his judgment is biased.

@ times he does not think clearly.

her eyes are so mesmerizing that it takes his breath.

his words instigate smiles though he never has confirmation.

small talk and a little walk mean the world to him.

ever moment of her time is precious.

he values her time and company.

an iLL prescription

such a sorry bastard.

treating people like utensils.

never showing any remorse for actions.

throwing words around like feces.

putting the self before the community.

utility is the only purpose for the masses.

friction is the catalyst for all progress.

peace and leisure are formidable fœs.

take two pills and call me in the morning…

Simplicity eludes me on so many occasions. Yes the beauty around me is due to the organic nature of biology. Take a deep breathe and rest assured.

iLL will never be prolific or problem free. It’s ok to be struggling to find a voice and the right phrases. Work on this craft with every opportunity iLL gets. The goal is to Command these words with ever breathe.

Absorb the sour and sweet that surrounds this iLL life and existence. The existential threats are treats if taken for what they are worth.

Put some emotion on the lines as if iLL has some feelings that are left behind these eyes.

Clutching my will with ever bit of energy that iLL has left. Never giving in to negative energy that seems to show up. iLL will continue to strive for more. These eyes are never tired of seeking new horizons.

Amber Fog is all that iLL sees and no one gets anymore from me. The windows to iLLs Soul are unclean; Mirroring iLLs soul.

You ask me what is on my mind?
I tell you my heart is blind.
The passion coarsening thru these veins is hard to define. 
You are my Belladonna of Sadness, 

Or Like my Queen of Sarrow. 
Catch me with an open heart, as Sade sings me to sleep seeking some better tomorrow. 
“Seekin Better Tomorrow’s”
I jus didn’t want to make you think I was innocent in our fractures.